About Me

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My name is Kristin Hamilton. After having a successful early career as a lawyer in the United States, I decided to follow a life-long passion and become a teacher. I have a teaching degree from Durham University in the UK and experience in special learning needs, with a focus on English language acquisition. I am pursuing a Masters degree in Special Educational Needs, and I have researched extensively learning differences and the brain, and how children who struggle with reading, writing or maths can best learn. I have attended conferences in Switzerland and abroad with some of the greatest minds today on teaching children who may learn “differently” than others. As I’ve told my students many times, “if you’re not understanding it, it’s because I’m not teaching it the way you need to learn it.” I love working one-on-one with students, as this is the way most children who are struggling at school learn best. I can teach them the way they need to learn it – and it is incredibly rewarding! I am also happy to work via online platforms in the current lockdown environment.