About Me

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My name is Kristin Hamilton. After having a successful early career as a lawyer in the United States, I decided to follow a life-long passion and become a teacher. I teach students who need support in literacy and maths, as well as work with children and teens who need to figure out how they can learn best in a classroom environment. This includes learning how to manage ADHD characteristics.

I have a teaching degree from Durham University, and have just completed and a research dissertation for my Masters in Education, Special Educational Needs from the University of Birmingham. I have deep experience in special learning needs and ADHD. I constantly engage in research on learning differences and the brain, and how children who struggle can best learn. I have attended conferences in Switzerland and abroad with some of the greatest minds today on teaching children who may learn “differently” than others in a classroom. As I’ve told my students many times, “if you’re not understanding it, it’s because I’m not teaching it the way you need to learn it.” I love working one-on-one with students, as this is the way most children who are struggling at school learn best. I can teach them the way they need to learn it – and more importantly, the skills to understand and learn independently.